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film splicer

Editing as done in the "good old days."

Before the advent of digital editing software programs, the above tool — a splicer — was the essential device for cutting films. There’s a lot of great advantages to non-linear editing, but it was great feeling to have the film actually in your hands “back in the day.”

In honor of the device & the humble beginnings of Catfish Studios, we’llĀ  call this site’s blog, “Fresh Splices.”


As we bring more pages and material online to our new site, we’ll add postsĀ  discussing our unique approach to film & video production, the work we’ve created & are creating, plus exciting new developments in that are constantly occurring in the field.

Please come back soon to check out new entries.

About Tom

A Catfish Studios co-founder and president, Thomas R. Rondinella is an award winning independent film maker.
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